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What to do with a Crappy NES Game

  1. Take your nintendo game and shove it up peoples asses to give them a grundie. (that way you don't need to touch their poopy undies)
  2. Saw off the sides of the nintendo game and see if it works in your 8-track player.
  3. Sell it to some stupid kid and tell him its a retarded (I mean retired) beanie baby.
  4. Sell it to some stupid kid and tell him that it has graphics.
  5. Sell it to some stupid kid and tell him its a really good game and sell it for more than its worth.
  6. Put it into another nintendo game box so other people think it is a cool game. Note: if you are going to do this get the money and say "NO REFUNDS AFTER 2 SECONDS" that way you will have ripped them off.
  7. Take out the insides of your nintendo game, sell them to a computer store saying they're defective computer chip parts and keep the case to stash stuff.
  8. Take out the insides and pass notes with the note inside of the case.
  9. Use the nintendo game as toilet paper when you take a shit in the woods.
  10. Use it to protect your self from those awful spankings and shove the game in your pants.
  11. Use it as a frisby for your dog.
  12. Fill it with gasoline and use the nintendo game as a bon fire starter.
  13. Put it under a leg of a table to make the table balance.
  14. Cut a hole in it and use it as a new trendy hat.
  15. Shoot it with a gun until it breaks.
  16. Try to shove it into your super nintendo or gay N64.
  17. Throw it at MIKE COOPER!!! (or any other cooper)

      I am sick of these ideas
      I hope you enjoyed them :)
      Brian "Lazyboy" Goniu