You have reached the NES Blender, a collection of NES-related things that I think are kinda funny, kinda stupid, and downright absurd. feel free to add material to this portion of the site, as the nescene belongs to its fans!

What you will find inside this webpage of love...
NES Characters in a Blender This is how this page got its name, and you can tell by the title that this ain't going to be pretty. Icky, mushy, and especially bloody, this is what the suits at Nintendo won't put in their games.
What to do with a bad NES Game Ever get a crappy NES game? Most of us have, and Lazyboy has a few ideas of how they can be used.
Uses for a N64 I have a N64, and I am fairly pleased with it. However, the NES blows the N64 away in every category besides graphics, so I can do a little bit-o-bashing.
Interview with the Mario Gang I recently tracked down Mario and the gang and asked them what it was really like back in those early days. You might find the answers quite surprising!

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