#nescene on DALnet

Many people say that the NES is dead. They want nothing to do with it. But there are a suprising number of people who still have great interest in the NES, particually due to the rise of NES Emulation. Up until a few years ago, these "old skoolers" just stuck to themselves, and played their NES when others were obcessed with the PS-X and N64. But 4 years ago when the (now-deceased) NES Nation was created, its members formed a chatroom. It was #nes on Parachat. Alot has changed since then. The chatroom moved to EFnet and was renamed #nes98. Markm created a bot named "Samus" for the room. But when the N64 Drones and emukiddies started pouring in, the ops (operators) decided it was time to move to DALnet, which has better channel control. Markm didn't like this idea at all (DALnet doesn't allow many bots), so fights broke out, feelings got hurt, and people left the NES community. But the chat ended up on DALnet. This lasted for about 10 months. Now there are two NES chats. #nescene and #nes98. Check em out and see which is best for you.

This application requires Java support.
This server also available via IRC at:

If you want to join the NEScene chat, the room is #nescene. If you want to join the classic gaming chat (#rgvc), you can't here. Download IRC-NES in the download archive, and get on EFnet.

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