people I would like to thank:

First off I still have to say thank you to Nintendo for creating the NES. I have to thank all those video game companies for producing those great games. The active members of the NES Nation for keeping this whole "NES Scene" thing fun. All of you people for actually visiting this site. Me, myself, and I for spending countless hours creating this damn thing. You people that I used to chill with that ditched me and turned me into a computer nerd (it's a great life). Ummm, my dog Riley who jumps up on me and causes me to make typos. Jessica Freck, for being an asshole and making me waste my time. Whoever invented JavaScript because it's the coolest thing since toilet paper. My uncle dave, the coolest guy I know. Andy Guidinger, who has a thing for stealing my scripts and images. Anybody I stole pictures from. The state of New York for sueing Nintendo of America in 1991 and winning. And the big guy upstairs.

People I Would not like to thank:

Nintendo for abandoning the NES and bringing out (horrid screams) the N64. Jessica Freck for being such an asshole. Everybody at Luther Preparatory School (you know who you are. Andy Guidinger, who has a thing for stealing my scripts and images. ALL DOUGHNUT-SCARFING COPS FOR BUSTING MILLIONS OF INNOCENT TEENAGERS. Sega, for creating some competition for Nintendo back in the 80s. And everyone who has been pissing me off lately. (You know who you are.)

PEOPle I would Like to see die:

John Thickens. I couldn't hate this biznitch more...

Here is what all you people who are interrested in sueing me or stealing my art need to know:

This site is in no way, shape, or form endorsed, sponsored, of affiliated with Nintendo of America or Nintendo of Japan. All logos, pictures, and slogans are copyright their respective owners. If you choose to take original artwork from this site you must give me credit, or I'll have my hounds at your door before you can say "hide the weed". If you're still reading this you probablly are a crackhead who just wants money from me, so go stick a N64 where the sun don't shine.

Thank you and beware of the penguins.