The Download Archive.

Below are various little downloads that have something to do with the NES. I will not make NES roms avalable to the public, as they are illegal. But you can still find emulators and rom hacks here. Note that I did not create any of these programs except IRC-NES, they are sole property of the creators. Download what you like, and don't blame me if you get in trouble.

Download. Description.
The NES Lister Program which is useful if you have lots of NES games, as it keeps track of them, gives a rarity rating, and has every game possible in its bank.
Mario Brothers VGA A DOS version of the classic NES game. One or two player, and is somehow supposedly joystick supporting.
Mario Strider sent me this file. I don't know much about it, but it's really cool!
NESticle v.4.3 DOS The best DOS emulator. Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of options, but could support more mappers.
NESticle v.4.3 for Windows The Windows version of NESticle. Was never really completed, but is still an ok emulator.
BioNES v.0.2 for Windows The only DirectX NES emulator. MMX technology, 16-bit color, great mapper support, and joypad support.
IRC-NES A mIRC script created by -->ME<--. Nukers, NES sounds, and lots of options.
Barney Shoot-em-Up Use your imagination. Lots of blood, death, and that slut Baby Bop.
ROM Hacks.
Skinhead City Kancer A River City Ransom hack. Pretty hilarious.
Skinhead Fighter This game is very good. Originally in Japanese, this is the first time this game is avalable in the US.
Donkey Kong Country 2 Yes you see right. Donkey Kong Country 2 was originally released for SNES, but somebody was naughty...

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