This is the NES Emulation Link Archive.

Here I have listed some of the better Emulation sites that I have seen. NES Emulation is responsible for the rise of retro gaming, so we have to give it the credit it deserves. The sites are listed below, along with a quick review of each. Do you have a fairly large, frequently updated Emulation site that's not listed here? Send the URL to and I'll set a link up as soon as possible. I want to keep this up-to-date, so if your site gets shut down or moves contact me!
Site Title Quick Review
EmuROMs EmuROMs is a well-updated site that offers NES, SNES, Genesis, Gameboy, and Atari2600 ROMs and Emulators. Their chatroom, #emuroms on DALnet, is one of the friendliest emulation chats there is. I'm an op there so drop by and say hi to me.
Emulation Excitement I personally think that Emulation Excitement is the best Emulation page there. This site has the best coverage when it comes to the releases of Emulators. Not many ROMs can be found here, but it's still definately worth a look.
Hotblack's ROMs Page Hotblack's has NES, Gameboy, and SNES ROMs and Emulators, plus a links page. I like this page because of the fact that it's down-to-the-point and doesn't waste time whining about people in the Emulation scene. Member of The NEScene Network.
The Closet This site has a good amount of NES ROMs, but it was created in March 1998 and hasn't been updated since. It's still one of the better NES ROM sources out there.
Zophar's Domain Zophar's Domain reminds me of Emulation Excitement, but it's a bit too complicated. Every emulator for every system is covered, but half of them suck, especially when it comes to NES Emulators. It's still worth a look.

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