This is the NES Game Link Archive.

Here I have listed a large number of NES Game Links, along with a quick review of each. The sites are listed by game in alphabetical order. To make it easier to find the site that suits your needs, I listed the better site first if two or more exist for the same game. If you don't see your NES Game Link site listed, please mail me your URL at . I hope to make this link archive very up-to-date, and I need your help!
Site Title Quick Review
Blaster Master Underground This site has everything you would ever want to know about Sunsoft's Blaster Master. The guy who created this site really knows how to create artwork, he's even better than Gromitz.
The Castlevania Dungeon This is a site I frequently visit mainly because of the load of info. If you are a Castlevania fan in any way you must visit this site. Covers all the games in the series, including those on other platforms.
Destiny of an Emporer Unofficial Worship Temple My God I've never seen a game covered so well as this. Jim Yagman's DOAE site will keep you busy for quite awhile. Great site, great classic RPG.
Final Fantasy 1 Archives I created this site to be the largest archive of FF1 material on the web. I succeeded. Now run by Knight, the site is getting bigger and better all the time!
The Ultimate Final Fantasy 1 Page Batman0017's NES site is pretty good, but it's not updated much. His walkthrough beats that of Final Fantasy 1 Archives, but my/Knight's site has more original content.
The Metroid Database This site covers the Metroid series of games from head to toe. It's a shame that Nintendo stoped making games for this series, they were all very good, as is this site.
The Ninja Gaiden Homepage Another site, it completely covers Ninja Gaiden. Music, pics, info, tips, and anything else having to do with Ninja Gaiden. A must-see.
The RBI Baseball Homepage This site is very old, probablly the oldest NES-oriented site out there. The html is crappy, some links are dead, and it was discontinued long ago, but it's still worth a look if you're a RBI baseball fan.
The Definitive Guide to River City Ransom Another discontinued site, this one is still together in one piece. Contains a great deal of info on RCR, plus passwords and tips.
The Zelda Headquarters This is an old site that was never abandoned. Therefore, it's huge. Everything Zelda. What more could you ask for?

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