This is the NES Link Archive.
Here I have listed a large number of NES sites, along with a quick review of each. The top 5 are listed first. If you don't see your site listed please mail the URL to me at . I hope to make this link archive very up-to-date, and I need your help!
Site Title Quick Review
NES World This is the first NES site and the best NES site I've come across. Lots of manuals, faqs, and pirate cart info. Even includes lawsuit info. This site has been on hiatus for some time now, but don't let that stop you. This guy must have connections. A must-see.
|tsr's NES Archive The second NES site in existence. Like all NES sites it has manuals and faqs, but this one has alot more. It's "NES Museum" gives a huge amount of information on various NES related things including TV shows, the many NES food products, and multi-game paks.
Spazzoid's NES Stuff Another older site, this is an example of how a site can grow over time. Lots of info on accessories including the in-famous ROB. He also has the NES Nuthouse which is a page of N64 bashing, programming goofs, and other messed up stuff.
The Internet NES Database Formerlly 8-bits of Power, The Internet NES Database is the second largest NES site I've seen. It just keeps me coming back. This site has info on albeit any NES game out there.
The NES Triforce Link and Telia's NES page has always been good. This site features the famous "Ask Kirby" section, a nice code library, and the Black Marketplace. Very good.
8-bit Xtreme Virusalpha's site is as good as dead, but it's not down. A large archive of NES stuff including NES reviews, music, manuals, and NES Central. Go check this out.
8-bit Nostalgia Yay! This is another good one. The usual stuff, plus emulation info and lotsa very good reviews. I really hope this site gets updated soon. Cool format. Cool site.
Toot's NES Shoot Toot's site has lotsa info on pirate carts and rare games. His "Amazing Discoveries" section focuses on the stranger aspects of the NES and its games. A must-see.
NES Dimension Lots of cool NES stuff. The "NES Strangeness" and "NES Stove" really make this site worth the visit. Not updated anymore, but don't let that stop you.
Dark Warrior's NES Shrine Dark Warrior's NES site is fairly new, but its pretty good. Could use some more in-depth info, but the "Alfred Chicken Show" and "Loch NES" make this site worthy of at least a look.
Quizzle's NES Page Quizzle's page may not be as big as some of the other NES pages, but it's one of my favorites. His site's format makes it easy to find what you're looking for, and has a good deal of original content.
NES Gate The best thing about this site is the creators' attempt to collect 2000 copies of Super Mario Bros by the year 2000. The "What If" section is also pretty cool. Could use more content.
Ill Skool 6 Formarlly the 8-bit Old Skool, this site is definately one of the better one's you'll find. A ROMs section, hilarious complaints, and other funked up shiznit. Can you say "wigger"?
The NES Enshrined Diefwolf is a true NES fan. His site shows this very well. Highly overlooked, this could turn out to be one of the best someday.
NES Fortress Knight's NES Fortress has lots of content, and is starting to look good. This is also one of the funnier sites I've seen in awhile.
NES Review Archive Kinda dull layout, but the reviews on odd and rare games are worth a look. How many sites was Virusalpha involved in?!
NES Mofo Pooki is strange. That's what comes to mind when you view his site. Hilarious NES stuff is what you'll find here. But there's really no way you could get actual game help here...
The NESt This is a average NES site. The "NES Lack of Quality Awards" deserve a look. The site's logo is what I like best.
Mr. Bungle's Page Mr. Bungle knows more about the Japanese than they do. His page is full of Famicom (Japanese NES) and pirated game info. If you're interested in the Famicom give this site a look.
Big Stu's 8-bit NES Wonderland Big Stu's site is another average NES site. The "separated at birth" feature deserves a look. Other than that you've seen this already.
Seanbaby's NES Page Don't let this guy come to your birthday party kids, he's insane. This is the funniest NES site I have been to so far. The 20 Worst Nintendo Games of All Time is very accurate.
Gromitz's Nintendo Wasteland Gromitz used to have a logo program going which was pretty cool. This guy is very skilled in computer generated artwork. The top 10 lists are pretty good.
NES Maniac This site is run by my friend Strider, and he doesn't leave much to be desired. A very good new site. Keep up the excellent work.
NES Biznitch Run by akira, NES Biznitch has info on the Famicom, Pirated games, a cool "ads" section, and a few downloads. This site has good potential.

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