This is the Other NES-Related Link Archive.

Here I have listed some of the better NES-related sites that I have seen. These sites cover just about everything that normal NES sites don't. Music, Nesticle Movies, and other stuff. Do you have a fairly large, frequently updated NES-related site that's not listed here? Send the URL to and I'll set a link up as soon as possible. I want to keep this up-to-date, so if your site moves contact me!
Site Title Quick Review
Game Genie WeirdNES This is what we've needed for a long time. A site where people can share Game Genie codes they've programmed with other NES gamers. Cracked8ball's site is definately worth a look.
Video Game Music Archive This is the largest collection of Video Game MIDIs on the web. If you're looking for an MIDI and they don't have it, you can put it on a wishlist and they'll make one for you! This site is amazing!
RPGamer Formarlly, this site covers virtually every console RPG in existence. Includes music, pics, faqs, and everything else you could want. A must-see for any RPG fan.
Bahamut's Domain Bahamut's Domain is a cool videogame music/video site. It also has some other downloads. I like it, you may not, but at least check it out.
Cloud's Villa Cloud's Villa contains downloads of some of the best game music albums released by Squaresoft and Konami. I love this site, but I don't know why...
Nintendo Nintendo's website takes ages to load, but it's still good. If you don't like the N64 one bit don't go here as it's all they talk about. But otherwise it's worth visiting once in awhile.
Super Mario Bros. Ate My Balls Homepage I'm sure you all know what this is. This is the only NES-related "Ate My Balls" site I know of, so here it is.

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