A NES Nation copycat page. Yay.

But really, this is the NEScene terms of membership section. Over the past 3 years, the NES scene has grown from 1 site created by, Martin Nielsen (NES World) to about 250 sites. Now we're in a state of utter confusion. Half these sites suck, and another third are just never updated. We are going nowhere but down. The NES Nation had/has (whatever it is now) a membership section of about 500 members, but only about 12 were active. So I'm taking the membership idea a little further. To be a NEScene member, you must meet these requirements:

  1. Be an all-out NES fan. We never need people blabbing about the N64 and other next-gen systems.

  2. Have a good knowledge of NES games and the genre, so you can possibly contribute content. Those members who contribute content will have a higher status in the NEScene, and will receive special thanks for everything they submit.

  3. You must promise (please people you're giving me your word) to ignore N64 drones and emulamers as they begin to clog up the MB, diss us, and just plain piss us off. This is the sort of thing that can wreak havoc on an online community, so if we can ignore them they'll eventually go away.

  4. Please try as hard as you can to stay an active member. The last thing we need are a bunch of members who forgot that they're even members here.

  5. If people you don't like join the NEScene, DEAL WITH IT! The NES Nation crumbled from the inside, and that was hell for everyone. When people start talking shit about eachother, sides are taken, feelings are hurt, and people get really pissed off!

  6. As this site progresses, and newbies start to come in, us older members have to accept the childishness that the newbies always seem to have. We were all that way once, so we'll just have to deal with it.

  7. (Flexible!) It would help if you have a frequently-updated NES site. This is not required, but it would help. If you used to have a NES site but shut it down because you got sick of it, that's understandable. It would just be cool to make a NES network of some sort.

  8. Finally, the purpose of this site is to bring NES fans together, so if we are going to give the NES community a re-birth, we need to put our differences behind us. Let's keep this thing purely NES.

These rules are somewhat flexible and can be added to. If you are causing trouble, I will take away your membership status and put an IP address redirection on the page. That'll automatically ban you from this page. Also, if you become an inactive member and never really contributed anything, I'll take away your membership too. (By that time I don't think you'll really care anyway :)
Well that about covers it. If there are any improvements that could possibly be made, mail me mystikal2001@yahoo.com and I'll see what I can do.

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