My views on the NES.

Back in 1985, when I got my first NES, I was the happiest little boy you could have ever seen. I had wanted that system for the longest time, due to the fact that Nintendo had so many commercials running it was almost impossible to ignore the "Nintendo. Now You're Playing With Power!" slogan. My first game was Super Mario Brothers, and I can still remember throwing the controller when I couldn't get past the goomba guys. Well, alot has changed since then. The Berlin wall came down, the Soviet Union collapsed, and Nintendo sold over 1 billion games. I kinda changed along with that. Obviously I grew (alot), but I fell for the hype, including the GB, Genesis, SNES, and the PS-X. I bought them because I thought they looked cool. I never for a second thought that it was my NES that would still be fun after all these years. But once I discovered the NES Nation, I came to realize it is. All these other systems now gather dust in my closet. The NES is the best system out there, and for me, always will be. I couldn't care less about 64-bit processors, how many millions of colors, and characters with rectangles for heads. If you wanna play FF7, that's fine by me, but you'll find me at home, in front of my TV, playing the original version of Final Fantasy.

My views on the current NES community.

In December 1996, I stumbled upon a site with the URL , better known as the NES Nation. This site had been around for awhile, but it was still new to me. As I looked through the pages, all mind seemed to say, "welcome home Steve". My NES knowledge seemed to come back to me, just like that. It was just me and several other people, all talking about NES. These were, as some call them, the Parachat days (Parachat was the chat thing we used back then). But then, something horrible happened. More people got computers, and some of them just happened to be N64 Drones and emulamers with seemingly no purpose but to piss us NES fans off. We tried to fight back. We posted messages dissing the N64 Drones, and banned emukiddies from our chatroom. But it was never enough. Along with these came a mass of NES newbies, who decided it was time to take over our message board, and invade our chatroom. Not all of these "newbies" were bad, some actually have been and still are beneficial to the NES community. But a majority of them are just causing arguments among us older NES residents, which are leading to flamewars and ultimately many people leaving.

Right now we're doing much better than we had been a few months back. Sadly, NES Nation was hacked, but we've stuck together through it all. We have been getting along well with the emukiddies and N64 Drones alike. The NES community is in full swing once again.

Thanks Spaz!

The NEScene November 1998.

This site is quickly becoming one of the top NES sites around. We have twenty-something members, and they are submitting reviews, manuals, and other things constantly. Yay.

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