Joining the Network.
Before you do anything you should know what this project is about. Go to the "about" section and find out. For those of you who know the order how things go (j/k), I'll explain the site requirements and such. First of all, the site has to have some sort of NES material in it. That explains itself. Second, the site must be somewhat frequently updated and have few or no dead links. Click here to learn what doesn't fall under the requirements. Third, the site must not have any pornography or sexually orientated content. It must not have anything to do with hate groups, racism, or anti-gay. There is at least one person I know in the NES community who happens to be bi, so please don't break these rules. I would hate to have to kick someone out of the network.
If you think you're site meets these requirements in full, mail me your site's URL and the nickname you want to use at and I'll respond in 1-3 days telling you if your site has been accepted or not. The requirements aren't very hard, so I wouldn't worry. If you site does not meet the requirements listed above and you're not admitted, you can apply at a later time when you fix the problems. If you get accepted there is only one requirement left of you, that being that you put my little banner somewhere on your page (just so long as you can see it) so everyone knows how cool you are =).
That's it! Hope you have fun being a member in The NEScene Network!

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