Websites Networked
Here are all the member sites of the Network as of November 12, 1998 9:33 PM.
The NEScene My site, the one that hosts The NEScene Network, is growing every day. Includes the NES Blender, a chat room, game shrines, plus the usual stuff. I hope to make this the top NES site someday, stay tuned!
NES Biznitch Akira's site is new but it's looking good. Soon to be moving to simplenet so we won't have to deal with those geocitties pop-ups. Nice start Akeera.
NES Maniac Strider's site presents it's material nicely, is fast-loading, and is a great addition to The NEScene Network. This site's looking real good.
Game Genie WeirdNES Cracked 8 Ball's Game Genie code bank is really cool and can be helpful for putting the life back into some of those old games. Nice layout, quick-loading, all around nice page.
Hotblack's ROMs Page Hotblack's ROM page features NES, SNES, and Gameboy ROMs, and a link page. Good start on a different kinda emulation page.
The NES Days The NES Days, formarlly run by mallrat, is a fairly large site with some interresting content. A new format is what gave this site the kick it needed.
Final Fantasy 1 Archives My first site, now run by Knight, has been called the best Final Fantasy 1 page on the web. It's believable, considering all the hours that were spent building it.
The State of NES This site will someday be one of the best NES sites out there. I'm not sure how long its been around, but it's very good, and very NESish.

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