Dr. Mario

One of the many puzzle games that Nintendo made after the huge success of Tetris, Dr. Mario was actually pretty fun. In this game, Mario tosses his plumber overall's aside in favor of the standard white doctor uniform. The idea of the game is to kill the viruses in the playing area (which is in the shape of a jar). You do these by dropping pills on top of the viruses. The pills are split into two sides, both a different color (in some cases, both sides will be the same color.). You have to pile on three or more of the same color pills on top of a virus, which has to be the same color of the pills, to eliminate the virus. If you remove all the viruses, you will move on to the next level.

Graphics: If there is one game genre where graphics do not matter much, its the puzzle genre. As long as they are not completely sloppy and the screen is bright and colorful, the graphics are good. Dr. Mario's graphics have both of the features necessary, and they work great for the game.

Sound: There aren't any memorable tunes like in Tetris here, but like the graphics, the music works.

Control: As is the case with most puzzle games, the control in Dr. Mario is great. All you have to do is turn your pill around and move it where you want to drop it. It is perfectly responsive and you can never say that "the game cheated" or "thats not where I wanted to put that" when you lose, at least not until you get into those higher, faster stages.

Replay Value: Again, just like most puzzle games, Dr. Mario has a great replay value, because of the solid gameplay and addictiveness.

Overall: Dr. Mario is one of the classic, almost perfect puzzle games that have come from Nintendo. They made some that weren't too good, but Dr. Mario is probably their second best, right behind Tetris (and heck, they didn't even develop Tetris). I recommend this game for some great puzzle fun.