Fester's Quest

A lot of people say this is one of the worst games ever made,and a lot of people say this is a great game.I disagree with both.This is an average game,a typical shoot-em-up.You're Fester from the Addams Family and your job is to take out the aliens that have invaded the city.Blobs laying on the street,Frogs(small versions of the Frog Boss on Blaster Master,also made by Sunsoft),and other aliens are trying to get to you before you get them.You start with a gun that shoots about a centimeter,and go and destroy blobs to get power-ups and upgrades for your gun.Then its time to enter houses where members of The Addams Family give you useful weapons.Then after going through a large sewer,its back to street where a whole load of baddies are waiting for you.And if you die,it's back to the very beginning,only you get to keep weapons,and any bosses you've killed stay dead.

The play control is good.In fact it's just like Blaster Master.You're on an overhead view and can go in any direction.There's also a confusing 3D view when you enter certain buildings.

The music is great.And the sound effects are good too,seeing that they're all taken from Blaster Master.

Graphics aren't that bad,except when there's many enemies on the screen,a line goes through them and Fester.

Difficulty:You start the game with a meager 2 squares of life.Also you only have one life.Very frustrating when you die,because you have to start all over from the beginning.But you get to keep any items you've collected.

This is a average game.Not great,but certainly not terrible.Buy it.

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