Ikari Warriors 2

Ikari Warriors 2 is like Super Mario Bros.2 and Zelda II-it is different from the first game in the series.Instead of a jungle,you're on another planet fighting evil aliens.You only have one life,an energy bar,and a gun.There's also a subscreen when you hit select that dispays items and weapons.Also there's shops where you can stop and buy weapons,or fight for hearts,which are used to buy things.Also warp tiles come out of nowhere,and suck you in,making you fight bosses,or play some stupid target practice game,which is impossible to hit anything.When you lose,you lose all your hearts.

Play control is average,you can shoot in 8 directions.But walking is pretty slow.

Don't get me started on how difficult this game is.You have to be a game master to not use the ABBA code.Tons of enemies fly and shoot things at you.It's almost impossible to not get hit.

Graphics? They flicker a lot so sometimes you can't tell what's coming at you.Also the enemies are usally the same colors:red,green,yellow,and gray.

Sound effects and music are average.A few voices,saying something that sounds like "Come on,let's fight!" when you start the game or "YAHHH!!" when you die.(which you will plenty of times.)

In conclusion,buy this game if you want.It's not exactly the worst,but very far from the being the best.

Ikari Warriors 2 is a trademark of SNK. 1988