Pinball Quest

Pinball Quest is a pinball game with RPG elements. The storyline is unoriginal,some demon kidnaps some princess,and it's up to a ball and flippers to save her.Along the way you must take out the evil bosses including skeletons,witches,and other weird enemies.

You can collect gold from defeated enemies and use it to buy stoppers and flippers from the "Black Market" that's located between levels.There's also a stealing option if you don't have enough gold.However if you're caught half your gold is taken away.

The different types of flippers include:

REGULAR FLIPPERS:The wimpy ones you start the game with.
STRONG FLIPPERS:Stronger than the regular ones,does more damage.
DEVIL FLIPPERS:The best and sometimes the worst to have.These flippers are 'posessed' meaning they work but sometimes they don't.Most of the time when they're working,you can destroy most bosses with a single hit.But if they don't work,they can cost you the level.

This game has excellent sound,control, and graphics.However, the most frustrating thing is when your ball isn't caught by the flippers, you must complete the previous level you already completed! Another thing is that you can die! If a boss throws something and it hits your flippers.You die.Both the flippers and the ball fall off the screen and you have to complete the previous level again.
PINBALL QUEST features not only the RPG mode, but it has 3 other pinball games:

CIRCUS:The best game out of the 3.Has a slot machine which effects the level.It even has a hidden bonus game.
POP! POP!:50's based pinball game where you hit bowling pins.Fun for a while,but gets boring fast.
VIVA! GOLF:The hardest game on the cartridge.The goal is to kill the 4 moles,then kill the giant mole in the upper part of the level.That is if you make it that far.

In conclusion,buy this game if you can find it.It's pretty rare.So if you see it at Funcoland or K-Mart pick it up.

Pinball Quest™ is a trademark of Jaleco.© 1990