Raid 2020

This game makes Home Alone 2 and even Back To The Future look like Best Game of the Year! It sucks! You play as some guy in a trenchcoat named Shadow whose job is to take out some drug lord named Pitbull.To get there you have to get rid of drug dealers,collect drug money,brief cases,and even bags of crack!

Anyways,drug dealers aren't the only things out to get you.Killer flys(?),Crap-dropping seagulls,bats,and sharks want you dead also.Land mines are placed on the ground,and guess what happens if you step on one?You die!.You could have full health but step on one mine and you're dead. Same thing with the rocks in Level 2-the boat level.Come with in an inch of a rock or log and you're dead.

Control in this game sucks big time.You move diagonally up and down meaning you can easily walk into a mine.Jumping is easy though.The music isn't as bad as other games but it still sucks.This game is also insanely difficult.You must kill all the drug dealers in Level 1 to advance.You could go through the level 5 times before killing them all!And don't even think about passing Level 2!

This game is by Color Dreams.No wonder it sucks.But if your a collector of rare games like me,pick it up if you see it,but don't pay over 10 bucks for it.

Raid 2020 is a trademark of Color Dreams 1990