This game has one of the weirdest names in history of NES games.But that doesn't matter because in my opinion this one of the best games ever made for the NES.It takes place in the nation of Xexyz,where the evil mechanic castle Goruza has taken over 5 islands.It's up to the main character Apollo to get the 5 force stars,free the princesses of each island and put a stop to Goruza.

There are 3 different types of levels.The platform,where you collect the force stars and enter many doors to search for power-ups and advice.Shooting levels where you're in some animal-like space craft ranging from a fish to a turtle,and 3rd person view during the fight with Goruza.

Play Control in the game is ok.It's frustrating in platform levels,because if you get hit,you can get knocked back in to a pit.Other than that the play control is good.

Sound and sound effects are excellent.Music isn't annoying,sounds go good with the game.

The game isn't too hard,but not easy either.Lots of enemies are out to get you.The bosses require about 50 hits to kill them.Also a frustrating thing is having to find where the Force Star in the level is.You have to backtrack to find the secret entrance and when you do find it, you got to fight some statue to get it.

In conclusion buy this game if you see it.It's a challenging and fun game.

Xexyz is a trademark of Hudson Soft. 1989