Joining the NEScene.

Ok so you want to join. That's perfectly fine by me, as long as you've read the NEScene terms of membership, and qualify to be a member. I guess it would probablly make sense for me to explain how you join right? Well, you have to send me an E-Mail containing a few things:

  1. Your nickname. This is the name the whole NEScene will refer to you as, so make it something that sounds cool.

  2. Your best NES achievement. This'll show off your NES greatness to all the other members.

  3. Your E-Mail address. If you send me an E-Mail from some other address than the one you want used, give me the correct one so there is no confusion.

  4. A picture GIF if you have one. I'm sure people would lke to see what you look like. It's ok if you make a self-portrait:)

  5. My cute little banner somewhere on your webpage (if you have one).

OK now you can join. I'll let you. Just send an E-Mail meeting the requirements above to . Yay.

That about covers getting admitted into the NEScene. The other thing I need to talk about is submitting content. We need people who will contribute manuals, FAQs, codes, articles, and anything else NES-related.When you submit material, your membership status will grow. The levels of membership are in order from greatest to least: Webmaster (no only I can be webmaster), Noble, Resident. Everyone who submits material will get credit with a higher rank. So hurry up and join!

Members as of 10/13/98.

# Nickname. Status. Great NES Feat Picture
1. SteveX Webmaster. Beat FF1 with 4 white wizards at level 26. Yes.
2. Dark Klown Noble. Can get to level 99 on RC Pro Am...getting first every race. Yes.
3. DaWg Resident. Beat DW2 the first week it was released No.
4. Big Poppa Pump Resident. Beat The Legend of Zelda without dying. No.
5. Cao Cao (Telia) Resident. Beaten every Koei game he's played. Yes.
6. Dark Warrior Resident. Made it to the last boss of Wrath of the Black Manta without losing a life. No.
7. Kasady Noble. Made it to line 381 in Tengen Tetris. Yes.
8. Big Icarus Resident. Beat the Legend of Zelda without dying. No
9. Strider Noble. Beat Maniac Mansion with the NES Advantage...using his feet! Yes
10. Nitro6666 Resident. Scored 17 touchdowns in a row in Tecmo Super Bowl. No
11. Archanus Resident. Beat Hudson Hawk. No
12. Akira Resident. Beat Super Mario Bros. three times in twenty minutes. Yes
13. Cracked8ball Noble. Beat TMNT in 25 minutes. No
14. Mr. Clean Noble. Beat Solar Jetman. (This is amazing:) No
15. Fang Resident. Beat Dragon Warrior, Final Fantasy, Roger Rabbit, and Zelda 2 in the same week. Yes
16. Knight Noble. Beat chaos in FF1 ..with no weapons, magic, or masters. No
17. i_killed_koopa Resident. Can beat FF1 in about 2 days. No
18. skippy911 Resident. Beat Dragon Warrior 4 in 1 day. (Is this possible?!) No

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