Welcome to The NEScene Network Homepage, a project of mine attempting to re-unite the NES community. The NEScene Network is a ring of some of the best NES sites across the web whose webmasters are dedicated to keeping retro-gaming alive. If you have a NES-gaming based website and would like to join us, visit the joining portion of the page and go on from there.
11/12/98--Added 1 new site. "The State of NES". Check it out.

11/03/98--Yay! We're getting new sites almost everday. Check out cracked8ball's Game Genie Page. You won't be disappointed. Let me know what you think!

10/29/98--We have 5 sites now in the network, thanks for your support guys! I ask that you get the banner up as soon as possible. We are accepting join requests as they come in, click here for more info. This is turning out great, thanks again for the support! Let me know what you think!

10/25/98--This is the page's first upload, I'm checking to make sure everything is working. I am already accepting membership requests, so if you are interrested see the joining section for more info. I hope this idea of mine works. Let me know what you think!