This is the NEScene's vast collection of NES related links.
But I must warn you, leaving the site you are currently being exposed to could pose some weird mental conditions including the urge to scream vulgarities at N64 salesmen, the N64 itself, and the occasional co-worker. But then again, you probablly do these things anyway right? If you have a link you want to submit to me mail it to and I'll post it in the appropriate archive.
The links are divided into 4 different archive, each will appeal to a certain genre. If you are looking for information on the NES itself, try the NES Link Archive. If you are looking for info on a specific NES game, check out the NES Game Link Archive. If NES Emulation is your intrest, that's the link Archive you'll want to check out. If you're looking for something else that's not mentioned above, or just want a change of scenery, take a look at the Other Related Link Archive. Finally comes the Site of the Month. Each month I will pick a site that is worthy of our award, and they can place this banner on their site. NES Link Archive

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