Sometimes people just have to speak their minds. I can't blame them. Involving yourself in the NES community can be some pretty mind-boggling stuff! So people write down their thoughts. And then there are articles written by people with alot of time on their hands. You gotta love them. These are just some articles and editorials on the NES community of the past and present. Got anything you would like to submit? (We need some more editorials!) Send 'em my way . Whee!

# Editorials Articles #
1. My thoughts on the"Mallrat" controversy in the NES Nation. The NES Rarity List 1.
2. Everything I need to know in life I learned from video games. The past and present of the Nintendo Entertainment System. 2.
3. Why the NES and its games are the best ever made. A future prediction on the NES from March 1985 Electronic Games. 3.
4. The battle of the NES RPGs. Is it Zelda or
Final Fantasy?
The rise of retro gaming. Why would someone play an NES? 4.
5. What would a conversation between a NES and a N64 be like? The NES Demo Unit? 5.
6.   The NES Power Pad. A great accessory for a great system. 6.
7.   The NES. Written by Martin Neilsen. 7.
8.   The Nintendo World Championship! This thing was a blast. 8.
9.     Goofs in "The Wizard", a movie that seems dedicated to NES fans. 9.

Got sumpthin' to submit? Send it now!

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